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Take Action

You are about to take action by using the introspective tool designed to put you in the driver’s seat of your life. Creating the environment and tone to do inner work is critical to being able to hear the wise voice of your heart.

To assist you let’s start with a short, guided meditation to create the space for you to be fully supported and present while you explore the best way to decipher how to help your Protector become the champion it is meant to be.


Grab Your Notebook

Grab your notebook and the tool instructions so you are ready to begin when the meditation directs you to get started. Choose a place that is private, comfortable and supports you. Sit comfortably in a chair, on the floor or on a meditation cushion. Be sure your back is supported so you can relax.


Access Your Free Meditation

Download and listen to your free meditation here to maximize your experience. After the meditation, stay with me as I guide you toward the driver's seat of your life.


Your Next Step

Now that you’ve learned all about your Protector, it’s time to learn about the rest of the gang. I would love to help you find out which are your champions, and which are your saboteurs. Most importantly how to turn those saboteurs into your champions.


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Liz Goll Lerner has over 30 years of experience as a coach, counselor and art therapist. A true pioneer, she’s developed many highly respected, groundbreaking psycho-educational and therapeutic programs for her own practice and for health centers across the nation. She was also an adjunct professor at George Washington University and played a pivotal role in a longitudinal study focused on public health for the NIH through Georgetown University’s Center on Health and Education. 

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