With Liz Goll Lerner, LCPAT, LPC, ATR-BC

Strengthen Your Relationship Today!

Learn how to avoid the 3 massive mistakes couples are making while quarantining.

You will learn how to:

Stay calm when your partner isn't.

Navigate hard topics without a fight.

Create strong bonds.

Liz will teach you:

How to stay calm even when your partner is losing control

How to navigate challenging topics without without starting a fight

How to create strong bonds and mutual trust instead of distance

About Liz Goll Lerner

Liz Goll Lerner, LCPAT, LPC, ATR-BC

As a psychotherapist, life coach and art therapist, Liz is known for getting results. Her ability to swiftly identify core issues and facilitate the "ah-ha" moment, empowers her clients to heal and to take action in new and profound ways.

Above all, Liz is committed to counseling and coaching each client as a whole person — mind, body and spirit — helping those she works with meet their full potential by connecting with their heart’s purpose, putting that purpose into action and healing what may be in the way of growth.

With over 30 years in practice, Liz is a thought leader in the fields of counseling and coaching and has developed numerous highly respected programs for both her own practice and for health centers across the nation


Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes Couples Make that
Increase Fights, Shut Down Communication, and Skyrocket Stress during Quarantine

Note: This session is not a substitute for couples counseling, psychotherapy or legal counsel.
Please be sure to engage the appropriate licensed professional when in need of assistance in
making any important life changing decisions.